Monday, October 12, 2009

Two types of bubbles - game of chicken for the Magic Negro

Well this one ain't a secret. Mo got this briefing over and over and know probably decides what to do.

1. No bubble - that means reigning control over financial shenanigans AND preventing barney buttboy frank from fucking the foreclosure proceedings - so that the lenders can redeploy what's left of their capital.

2. Equity-based bubble - that means from shifting resources around - like fucking the health care system and inject that money over to some stock with a lot of hype and no result - like Solar, or some weird kind of alt-energy. I am game boo, just go ahead and tell us dis watchu want and we kool yo.

3. Debt-based bubble - that means something like housing bubble, but part 2 with no sequel. Cuz what comes next is USA Total War. Dis be the outcome that most nigga wanna check happenin, but nigga, I'm not holding my breath over this. Still bitch can use some exercise with the machete if this comes true, ill shit mothafucka.

So wat dat goan be my main negro? We partyin or what?