Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Survey

The #s off the prison yard are now in.

The only question on the poll was: If you were privilidged to invest in a scheme that will give you 10% above average return for 20 years, and then go to zero, will you go for it?

a. yes, I will cash out in 19 years. That is the American way.
b. yes, I might get hit, but so is taking any other risk. That is the American way.
c. no, but I would have if the return was 20% above market and I then would cash out in 19 years. That is the American way.
d. no, it is a crime known as ponzi scheme. That is not the American way.

We got
42% a.
1.2% b.
54.9% c.
1.9% d.

Before you discarded this survey of convicts, and how they might differ with the "average" population had they been polled, let me remind you that this group I polled at some point in their career weighed the ultimate risk reward for a trade, and was able to make up their minds and "invested" accordingly. They are as experienced as any investor would be, and in my opinion, a perfectly unbiased sample of the general population attitudes.