Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Survey

The #s off the prison yard are now in.

The only question on the poll was: If you were privilidged to invest in a scheme that will give you 10% above average return for 20 years, and then go to zero, will you go for it?

a. yes, I will cash out in 19 years. That is the American way.
b. yes, I might get hit, but so is taking any other risk. That is the American way.
c. no, but I would have if the return was 20% above market and I then would cash out in 19 years. That is the American way.
d. no, it is a crime known as ponzi scheme. That is not the American way.

We got
42% a.
1.2% b.
54.9% c.
1.9% d.

Before you discarded this survey of convicts, and how they might differ with the "average" population had they been polled, let me remind you that this group I polled at some point in their career weighed the ultimate risk reward for a trade, and was able to make up their minds and "invested" accordingly. They are as experienced as any investor would be, and in my opinion, a perfectly unbiased sample of the general population attitudes.


MTGSPY said...

That is indeed interesting sir.

a. stupid and criminally greedy.
b. clever and not criminally greedy.
c. clever and criminally greedy.
d. Just plain stupid and in denial.


ARAK said...


Am looking at your new profile photo. What happened to ya? Did ya get cured of yellow fever get the white fever bug again?

yaro said...

was it gunshot or hanging?

suicide or...

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

lapier said...

Just checking out the blog. Good stuff, its hard to find bloggers for this kind of data.

Be happy o have you join our forum an contribute. Forums not done yet but should be in a few days.Even could use you as a mod if you had the time.

MTGSPY said...

I have been thinking of when to retire and how to properly celebrate it. One of the ways that have crossed my mine was to open the book of a company with approximately $10B mismarking of assets and resurface my private blog for the last time (before the cops and google are all over it) - Red October style. :D

We will see if we live that long or if the black heli gets us first. Until then enjoy the show, or send me for access on the private blog.