Friday, January 23, 2009

Open letter to my financial brethren:

We NEVER surrender.

Ignore the bashers calling for more oversight. You want more stinky auditor breath blowing on your face?

Ignore the bullshit claims about cramdown will do this and that. You LEND people money and you want to get paid INTEREST. NOT STOCKS. What you want is to get a bunch of f*wads in DC to give money to the STOCKHOLDERS so they can pay YOU your interest and the interest of. Kapish?

My financial brethrens, no law, god or man's are above you. You set the law and teach the sheep where to eat, sleep and s&^t.

You want to bet all red. ALL. That means a HUGE bailout, stimulus or whatever you want to call it and you want to plunk it in everything with leverage, that means banks.

The way of the warrior is to charge. If drug helps calm the nerve then get some. Charge and attack with utmost brutality.

If it turns out that you are surrounded later you can always commit suicide. ;)

You want to go out with a bang, not a whimper, ever. I will be watching proudly as you wave the flag going down, my sons.

1 comment:

Greenie said...

Don't use the word 's&^t' too often, Mr. Spy. Those financial-type commodes cost lot of money.