Friday, February 20, 2009

HOLY SHITTTTT!!!!! Fuehrer HAS failed to save us now. Everyman for himself!!!!

O-Fuehrer only sent rumanian and hungarian rabbles with sharpened stick to rescue us from this pit of hell!!!!!!!!

The early part of this man's speech reveals the Fuehrer has been misled or at least completely unaware of the situation.

He does not know the difference between exchange traded futures contract with CDOs!!!!!!!!!


I have no reason it was limited to just this Gibb, because the speech was prepared. O-tay didn't know.

We are completely doomed.

People screaming and running back from the front gave stories of incompetence by General Timmy and O-tay himself getting trapped into choosing to i)retract his servicer "bribe" or ii) get a market collapse to SPX 200-300 in the attempt to save us the other day.

I didn't believe it when I first heard it. I drank the kool-aid religiously. I only read propaganda to make my life more straightforward and easy to comprehend.

But now my blind faith to O-tay the savior has been proven to be my biggest and possible the last folly.

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D said...

Volker is the only thing Washington has to lean on for credibility at this point, but listening to Uncle Paulie babble on today reminded me that people should not have confidence in him either. Why? Simply, because Volker can only run his mouth and he's not even good at that. The problem as it is framed does not have a solution. There is a solution to the problem and that is letting the chips fall where they may. Anyone that took a risk should be compensated according to their bet. If that is a reward, so be it. If that is a loss, so be it. Preserve the integrity of property rights and when the financial system goes at least there will be an understanding of the game next time.

You're screwed D.C...sleep in the bed you've made and I don't recommend crapping in it anymore than you already have. Obama is not bona fida Chicago, don't try to play that game as you will get a very different response than what you anticipate. Go home to your families and look your wife and children in their eyes and tell them you dropped the ball and that everyone is going to go through some very tough times now.

A time is coming for real leadership, not a Streetwise newspaper salesman in a suit. 60% of America was duped, but let me remind you of the other 40% whose favor you already do not have. Furthermore, there is the portion of the 60% who will more emotionally reject this administration when they discover its incompetence and the false pretenses of their early support.

"game over"


ps - The other 40% were duped as well, but that's another issue and they're not on your side anyway.