Friday, August 15, 2008

Educational Friday: Home-crafted timer to GSE explosion.

The GSEs share publicly what the overall credit performance was (like the % serious delinquency), but they don't "itemize" or show what's under the rug. And it's a month or two delayed, and hardly real time.

Here's a snapshot of loans behind GSE prime MBS, and I circled the 3-month avg annual rate of repayment of such prime mortgages.

Remember this, a loan that hangs around longer signals what? Ok, class dismissed.


Gary said...

Sorry for being so dense. Does this mean that only 10 to 12 percent of the loans are being repaid?

What do you mean by "a loan that hangs around longer?"

I just discovered your web-site yesterday and it is full of useful information. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

those are prepayment, people paying mortgages ahead of schedule completely.

People paid off their mortgages cuz they move, they sell the place, got a promotion and want bigger house, or cashing out to lower rate and use the $$$ to buy bling/beemer.

So if you don't see that ........

MTGSPY said...

you forgot to mention the cashout to pay for girlfriends. many married males have girlfriends according to ALL the movies i have seen in BET.