Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The THIRD battle of 1280.

This is the 3rd battle of 1280 within the past 3 weeks, No-holds-barred Bears vs. Bull. Would it break this time when the CRE cavalry finally come to SPX' aid? If so then see u at 1320.

I took 25% of my "budget" for QQQQ related trade and went short QLD at $75 (was I the last trade?) . This topping action is very reminiscent in the past 3 weeks in all the angles I could think of.

* final note: I am very tired waiting for the CRE rally or perhaps people seem to understand it's not the gold mine it claims to be? Very unimpressive and nothing to write home about. Please fund managers let your ego rules and prove me wrong by buying these names? GGP, KRC, KIM, and SPG.

** Hmm, more mortgage numbers are in. I guess the smallish decline in house price during May-June was indeed, seasonal. heheheheh. Time to go to the gym.

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PCap said...

1280 holding as support for now...