Thursday, September 18, 2008

About RTC:

How can you promise to lend money you don't have? That's mostly the question I'd ask the US government.

Do you print? Basically assign new bonds with nothing backing it/no collateral?

Do you ROB some entities that has money to pay those that don't? How? Taxes? More GSE thuggeries? Or by force liquidate a few mega hedgefunds by accusing them of something?

Anyway, I feel the two news today just don't have bones:

RTC: Yes, it's interesting, but who's got money?
No short-selling: This will be self destruct button. No hedge, no demand for your stock. Also technically you cannot count on any price discovery anymore. The volatility will be epic, and they will happen for NO reason at all.

This is not a rocket science and I am sure someone with a couple of braincells would find those questions reasonable to ask but will find any "solution" unreasonable.


gtt said... on dollar commences?

MTGSPY said...

Man, this system called "constitution" is there to rope as many people in as possible under their own vote to sign up being slaves for life for mistakes they didn't make.

This country will probably be noted in history of humans as an experiment in how far you can push fraud before you just can't out of sheer exhaustion :D

alcan said...

Is it time to go? I'll meet you in Canada.

stockfarmer said...

I bought some UYG at the close. Hopefully they can spin this turd well enough that I can dump them on a greater sucker. Kind of like the housing market...

The attack on shorts is crazy. I can't believe how stupid a vast majority of the population is.

MTGSPY said...

you mean THE population, right?

mliu_01 said...
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mliu_01 said...

they will have to raise the debt ceilling first. I think that is why they want dems on board.

and it can't be a small raise. Unless they want to screw dems and only get enough to get through november. There is no money to baack this up.

Chinese will not buy any of this. Trade war with china? They don't care anymore. Cause nobody want to lose money to keep the business. They are not making shit now in this trade with USA. Game will over soon.

The crooks will loot this country just like people in Iraq. Take whatever that is left. The little guys got the office furnitures and computers. The one with big guns got the treasures.

MTGSPY said...

How about the guys with little guns, like Glock 30? Do they at least get the chicks and a pony to ride to the sunset? :D

But you are right my chinese friend, that they just signed their death warrant today.

MTGSPY said...

and of course, ours too.