Thursday, September 18, 2008

So, no more Shorting, eh?

This will end badly, but let the panic short covering begins. I agree life is gonna get bad for short if that's allowed but then the market is over anyway. Well, 80% of money in the bank so no complaint for me, will hedge and opportunistically get out with time.


ARAK said...


Isn't that for only the UK? Think it will be here soon as well? Or is it just a sympathetic reaction to the UK announcement?

I know one person who will now proclaim the west follows their lead ... Mugabe :-)) However, a note of caution is in order. Zimbabwe is the best performing market for all of this year.

mliu_01 said...

Thanks Mtgspy.


MTGSPY said...

tell you what, they'll just apply it to the IBs again to look "good" relative to their European counterparts. Free-er market would be the lingo of players these days.