Thursday, September 25, 2008

Why It Does NOT Pay to be PRIME borrowers:

As of 9/18, the difference is about 0.07%. Why do you want to be a "good boy" again?

Oh, that's right, you don't.

FHA market share has skyrocketed to 35% this month!


Anonymous said...

will it change going forward ? considering all the bad things happening in credit and financial markets?

money is scarce, i would imagine it will get pickier who gets the loans.

UNLESS, its the stupid .gov doing all this.

MTGSPY said...

Yes it will change.

The FHA market share will go up from 35% to 65% in a month or so.

Also the rate won't be different by 7bps for subprime borrowers, they'd be exactly the same.

D said...

A good laugh:

"the treasury could make $2 trillion"

D said...

an ever bigger laugh:

gtt said...

Still got that last pair o boxers left spy? I hear they're runnin out