Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Examine my most recent posts and contemplate:

Then waddaya know, this well-known poster showed up and voila, he said
"Mr. Spy, you are using recent past to predict immediate future. In my limited experience, that method does not work well in the financial markets. You might as well find out the positions of moon and Venus over the last few weeks, and identify some pattern."

Moon and Venus eh? Check it out, it's still very recent, and the blog is just right under the previous one.

Today I pull out the AUD chart and it looks like this, wow, and this is NOT good enough to some????!

Additionally, in the personal blog of that-poster-who-shan't-be-named, I wrote:
" MTGSPY said... I sensed it too, and it's because Ob-timis-bama-ism.Dont you dare short the market here, What are you thinking? The first black man to be ;resident and y'all wanna shit in the carpet? Bama Market Patrol will be in full force for a week - think Zimbabwean stock market for a while now.November 2, 2008 1:44 PM"

Well? OK, last words:



Greenie said...

Nice call, Mr. Spy.

I started shorting ES and will add more tomorrow. Change is coming :)

MTGSPY said...

You are welcome Greenie. Change is indeed coming.

Greenie said...

Pocketed some change today :)

Good trading.

mliu_01 said...

If Obama is a smart guy, would he want the market to crash before he take over the WH?

It does not any sense at all for obama to come out and say anything to pump up the market.

Greenie said...

Wow, what a change in sentiment. From 'Obama brigade buying every stock indices for a week' to 'Obama crashing the market now to make him look good' :)

If Obama is so smart, he wouldn't be president here. There is nothing that can prevent him to look like Hoover or Boris Yeltsin four years down the road.

mliu_01 said...


You got a point there. But he is not stupid either. LOL

I guess he will spend one or two weeks to take a look what he is really got into. It is not time to trying to become a president. it is time to take a peak what the mess this really is.
GM, Ford, AIG on his plate right now. No time to take a breather. He can't feel good about it. Why should he even want to do anything right now? All he should do is to shut up and wait for his term.
Or maybe beef up his own security first.

MTGSPY said...

Obama is a nice guy. I really like the direction he's gonna take this country, especially when it comes to Green energy. In fact, if I could make 1/5th what I make in right now I'd go glue a few solar panels together for a living. But I can't. I am not as good or fast as a robot.

MTGSPY said...

By the way, would you mind referring to Barry Soetoro or Imam Soetoro whenever we discuss the President elect please? It's kinda hard to relate back and forth in my small cranium who's who.

ARAK said...

Imam Barry rolls off easy on the tongue

ARAK said...

if you want it sound muslim enough use Imam Bari.

mliu_01 said...


I hope he will do what he said.
But I am scard shitless now.

I learned not to trust any politicians. Rahm Emanuel isn't my favorite guy.

MTGSPY said...

I hope he will do what he said.


I am counting on it [evilsmile]

MTGSPY said...

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M. said...

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Foghat said...

Nice pic! He's groovy, God willing.