Friday, November 14, 2008

Of all this talk about Mensa and CQ, IQ stuffs

by the self-declared clever Bill Gross, he cannot mask himself a failed liar.

Look at these two statements in the article:

1. "The past era can best be described as a more than half-century build up in credit extension and levered finance."

2. "There will come a time, however, perhaps over the next few weeks or months, when deleveraging of the private sector is met by the leveraging up of the government sectors: the TARP, CPFF, and MMIFF will inject over a trillion dollars of liquidity into the system over a short period of time."

Dead giveaway. If I were a cop, I would smash the perps head to the desk and yell "Where the f*** did you bury the hooker you son of a *****. Who says lying is easy.

( Also, never mind that several days after the article: a) the 700B gameplan has changed and b) the whole thing is a drop in the bucket of deflationary ocean. )

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