Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Address to the Chinese Friends.

I understand that you have been approached a number of times, with reminders, friendly, but stern, that should you choose to stop "co-operating" with us, you will face an economic ruin. That means giving us more money and resources.

Here's why you should continue lending us money: Because by growing more than the cost of the borrowing, I could earn a living while paying you back the money I borrow. This is what a white retired lazy male called "Skeptical Optimist" wrote in his blog. He even threatened your country with our navy boys while at it. I fully expect being automatons that you are, you will not be able to critically evaluate the requirements above and will simply comply.

I understand that you are without courage, oh Chinese people, and at this point completely out of option. As an American (with capital A), I am glad to see your nation's service to our Nation. You are weak, and we will be merciful. You cannot think, and we will supply the arguments, and you will just have to nod your head. You will work, we will NOT pay.

Such is the fact of life, that slavery is a necessary evil. Because otherwise, how can one be "above average" - if someone else is not below.

Thank you again my Chinese friends. Keep shining shoes, making shoes, fixing shoes, or whatever it is you do with my shoes. God Bless.


Greenie said...

You have to show class like him and quote Madison, Jefferson, King George, etc. or otherwise nobody will take you seriously.

Cassander said...

Good thing blogspot is most likely blocked by the Great Chink Firewall (GCF). Otherwise they may just figure out that the other guy is playing defect in this little game.

Of course, in this pretty game, once you know that the jig is up sometime in the near-enough future, immediately defecting is fully rational.

MTGSPY said...

I continuously shared my thoughts with the chinese embassy via bloomberg account. Of course the communications is, ... more delicate.