Friday, March 6, 2009

How many A&&holes work in Manhattan

Someone forwarded me this:

1. The average a-hole spend 2% of their time (i.e., about 30 min/day) walking the streets of Manhattan
2. You pass an average of 1 a-hole per block when walking the streets of Manhattan
3. The average block is 1/12th mile long
4. Manhattan has 22.96 sq mi in areaHmmm...... a bit of quickie math (assuming you only see a-holes coming toward you on your side of the street) yields an estimate of 1.3 million. Either my data/model is wrong or about 35% of the people employed in Manhattan are a-holes.

Do the same with your cities with parameters that I may have missed, along with your definitions of a-holes.

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Greenie said...

Reporting from SF - I see only one.