Monday, April 14, 2008

A Departure of Style ....

Today I am taking a break from Short ideas. I own a bunch of them and felt rather gratified by actions in DSL and FED today. May their bankrupt Option ARMs soul rest in peace.
Think about going long for a second with a reasonable risk to the downside: I am watching BRK/A and seeing a triangle pattern forming, still pretty wide at this juncture making it somewhat irresistible to predict a leap from 128k to low 140k and observe by then whether a large volume shows up in the breakout. It looks also there may be disconnect between well performing stocks BRK owns (like JNJ, KO, BNI, even KMX or WU) with the somewhat dismal performance of BRK. Yes, there are the private equity as well, but I have been reading they are doing well.

Well, I am willing to bet just 10 BRK/B @ 4278-4280 a share it makes 10% in the next few days, otherwise at $4000 I will think about adding again as it looks like a decent support level there.
I think a range of outcome between minus 5% to plus 10% is in the cards and I just like the "skew".

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