Friday, April 18, 2008

This week's deep reflection

Could this be it? Could we have bought 2 more years of life, just like the Romans bought time from Alaric a few thousand years ago? Did we succesfully negotiate a phyrric victory, buy a few farming seasons before our women and children gets carted off by barbarians?

Don't kid ourselves. Things are absolutely beyond repair. The income gap is humongous. The tax rate will go up parabolically. Then the small matter of bank insolvency and forever loss of credit. Skyrocketing fuel cost will do wonder to operating incomes of industry. Add also the Chinese people we counted to "decouple" and "save" us are in fact our workers who are having problems to feed themselves lately. We are the ones who are supposed to be buying and paying them with worthless credit paper.

Yet, as demonstrable in OUR nation ability to "deny" reality and willingness to incur so much cost for so short-sighted of benefits, we managed to continue pursue unchecked spending and reclessly investing our wealths into a bankrupt system called the stock market.

All the circular reasoning thus far does not even satisfy the rule of additivity in math. By that I mean the problem is as obvious as One Plus One. But the answer so far is the letter "F", not even a numeric.

I do believe the problem is without REAL solution. Only IMAGINARY ones. In fact the analogy is perfect because the particular solution for this problem is the one with BIGGER and BIGGER amplitude, characterizing instability.

Perhaps so. Perhaps not.

It doesn't matter. I have enough from the past two years of investing, and I am ready to SIGN UP with the Roman Army, the Pigmen Baron, for two more years of salary and bonuses. If Alaric shows up today, I already have my covered wagon ready in the city harbor; If he comes two years from now, I will have TWO covered wagons instead.

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