Thursday, April 24, 2008

minor update

one thing I hate about telling what to do is the "obligation" to monitor the health of the trade.

Put a stop at 25.90 or sell call at May 27 on the FRE u bought yesterday. The party is too far too fast for the minuscule news content we got today. Either add more naked stock if things drop $3 to $23 range or just cover the call by then. If it goes up, well, mission accomplished.

Focus on spare change allocator #3, the SRS covered call. The implied vol is way higher than the realized vol in the last few days given the amount of attention this thing must be getting. The bears are in shock and the bull are starting to sweat - not believeing they last this long. Premium will go through the roof as things fall a bit more ( like $5 from here ). A synthetic high yield bond can be created by having SRS covered call position. Who says u need to be a Hedge fund LLC bullshit to get leverage, huh?

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