Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Comparison of the last 2 fed texts

how the time flies!

The nine sent their regards.


D said...

Was I the only one that found it odd the vote was 9-1?

Greenie said...

Vote is always 9-1. There is always a token 'dissenter' - that's Ben's style. What is odd about it?

PCap said...

Everything is odd, both the 9 and the 1.

D said...

What happened to plosser? I got the nothing I expected, but the notes were VERY dovish in my translation.

More confirmation of deflation must be forthcoming!


Anonymous said...

The tax rebates were nothing more than a partial reimbursement to the working class and SS beneficiaries for the extra $'s spent while commodities rise.

They are trying to let the air out of the balloon a little at a time while grasping the balloon's neck and making one giant fart.
Gardenia Gekko