Friday, June 6, 2008

sigh ... even the shill boy pumpers at Morningstar

just wont cooperate in creating a short squeeze. .......

We are changing our moat rating for FirstFed Financial FED to none from narrow, as we don't think the bank will be able to earn positive returns on invested capital over the next three years. Although returns might rebound in the long run, we think a no-moat rating is warranted, given the extremely high uncertainty around this firm.

Those characters at Morningstar are the dumbest and will only downgrade the last when the price is heading to the final throes......Where now can I get anymore FED. This one is unambiguous death sentence.

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D said...

Morningstar is for kindergartners. Mansueto has been selling the sh*t out of MORN for a while. I don't fault him for wanting to:

If equity analysts are a complete joke, what does that make a mutual fund analyst? Americans love to pay for a scapegoat....

Not bad for a business started in a studio.