Friday, June 20, 2008

If your 401k/savings/investments/houses feel like this since late 2006:

There is a reason for your disease. And I am going to write the post-mortem when I had the energy sometimes this weekend.


D said...


More of that banana_fruit!

Ok, time to go unwind. Hitting the city big pimpin style with the NFL buddies tonight...the token white guy! Respect my minority!

I will drink a Mac18 to my buddy mtg and 220.40 of our buddies committing suicide today. I will drink another to setting a new multi-year closing low on the Dow Indu's!!!


MTGSPY said...

good for you, enjoy. I'll drink alone at home. Very nice and quiet.

PCap said...

mtgspy, got to chill with some Asian ladies. I hear that's your preference.

Long live Hong Kon