Friday, October 24, 2008

Another secret I want to share:

The "better" the asset is perceived by management, the less capital relative to a stressful outcome that company has.


American Express. NYSE: AXP.

Yes, run.

Still here?

Ok, name TWO companies that have had that "mindset"?

Hint: Their names both begin with an F.


Three rings for the elves.
Five rings for the dwarves.
Nine rings to rule the men.

Well, let's cut to the chase. I have reason to believe that the "men" are FHLB governors and all of them are meeting with Bernanke asking him to guarantee $1.5T of FHLB advances/papers etc. See what happens to you Ben when you started handing out "rings"?


D said...

Can we get more ideal conditions for a crash and fail to crash? What a disappointment...

MTGSPY said...

I am satisfied. The current pace is kinda slow but acceptable for my account.

And as usual ...

Tomorrow is a crash. Tomorrow.

D said...


While all of the dumb money I talk to is scared stupid, all of them must be attending the same church of dumb money because they all say the same thing, "I will ride this to zero before I am the weak hands and sell to strong hands."

I am struggling to envision a scenario where they can all be so boldy dumb, but I guess it's possible to just grind to zero.

"Only 8,806 paper cuts to go."

gtt said...

No, tomorrow is not a crash.

Monday, Monday is the crash.

MTGSPY said...

I don't understand this mentality where smart people think that the market cannot drop when a lot of people are short.

Short volume is like 2% of the market? For every one of us there's 50 of them long.

Which explains why Bear B - MOAB are rolling in dough despite claims of such rubbish.

Trade with what you know is right.

D said...

You misinterpreted what I it again. It is hard to envision a scenario where all the longs can be so dumb as to ride to zero together.

I believe we are in a new market paradigm because the leveraged long/short money has stepped out of the game or become such a small component that the market is not responding with traditional signals. If that is truly the case and the buy and hold have the sack for that then we will end up with the death by or 8,806 (DWC) paper cuts.

MTGSPY said...

I was thinking less and less of leveraged money and more into zeros, big fat zeros everyday now.

gtt said...

Dumb money doesnt have the stones to hold much longer if they haven't bailed already. 2000-2003 bear is still too fresh in their minds.

D said...

I stole mtgspy's dvdcam with detroit footage...

The comments section is the best on liveleak

D said...

D said...

"Tips For Shooting on the Move With Todd Jarrett"

I figured everyone could use some useful information for succeeding in the days ahead...

gler said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MTGSPY said...

Aj, I have been making good money these days going short heavily, which I made based on reality and earnings.

I expect that last post to be edited or deleted altogether before I forwarded it to google - I have logged and screenshot it.

AJ said...

mister spy i thought you liked my rap
i promise not to bust a cap
i go long the spoos
but you send goog some news

you can crash greenie blog
with some compton tale wog
but a joke is played on you
and laugh you cant do

so when i get me cab back
i will no longer attack
as i see a laugh for you
is real hard to do

MTGSPY said...

That comment is now deleted because it is an eyesore, mere words are meaningless to me.