Thursday, October 9, 2008

Email about Buffett:


I just heard that Warren Buffett died last week. There was NO succession plan, and the person you see right now is a doppleganger named Albert Krause, a very little known Dutch/German porn actor. It is very likely that the official death will be a year from now when they found a suitable successor, but it is obvious to me that a porn star as a temp successor is not going to be well received by investors at this juncture. Thank you and God Bless. May the Lord bless your path in eradicating Bullish deviants that is 99% of our population."

Well, I don't think so either (about Albert's appointment).

Ok, well, I think this is not exactly what I call Grade-A news, but then again I don't have any idea to prove/disprove it. Maybe you do.

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Foghat said...

I think I saw Warren in a German porn a few days ago but it was probably filmed q bit earlier...
couldn't really tell with all the leather and feces and stuff all over the place. What's up with that German pron anyways?