Thursday, October 2, 2008

National Treasure III: The Debt of Zhang

This could be a script for a blockbuster: Nicholas Cage and his lackeys f* around in a dungeon and found a manuscript torn straight out of the constitution paper that says a person by the name Zhang owed George Washington 5 shillings for losing a bet on an indian canoe race, to be compounded at 2% monthly interest rate since 1789.

This is then, as the groupies later assert in the happy ending of the movie, the proof positive that USA has the legal right to borrow as much money as it wants and enslave china for eternity, and once more the world is saved.

C'mon people. Why haven't anyone sacked Ben and Paulson yet, or better the rest of them congress?

Consider this sentence:

"If you dont work, then I won't pay"

that makes sense right?


"If you don't pay your loan, I won't lend you more money?"

How the F* does that compute? Why would you want to give more money to someone who showed the intent and ability to renege on his obligation in the first place?

This is a collosal joke.


Greenie said...

What's compounding? How does it work?

Your movie idea is rejected for introducing difficult concepts.

BTW, Atilla is calling tradeable bottom tomorrow. Time to turn bullish.

Anonymous said...

As long as the female lead is attractive, I'll watch the movie. Just don't ask me to think or get deep.

MTGSPY said...

well maybe I should just present the # to be $1.4 trillion (700B x 2).

That should do it.