Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Ok, to get that back you and to avoid destruction of USA ( I mean up to secession - riot is a given at this point ) is to hang the following individuals publicly and strip their immediate family of their wealth. This is just for starters but may be enough for Season 1 on Fox.

Mozillo + 10 honchos
Dick Fuld + 10 honchos
Dick Syron + 20 honchos
Daniel Mudd + 20 honchos
Lanty + 100 honchos
Chuck Prince + 350 honchos
Mike Perry + his dog
Rubin + Paulson + Ben + all the staffs not under Federal grade including the bald headed Indian geenie Paulson just hired.
Killinger + Wamu board + 40 randomly selected executives.
Karl Icahn + Jeffrey Gendell - for being dumb and obnoxious
Bill Miller - for adultery
Jamie Dimon - for robbing the taxpayer.

Submit your request to the comment section so I can forward it to Fox entertainment.


gtt said...

How can you forget Dubya?

MTGSPY said...

they'll just give him the "dick nixon" get outta jail card - what next - he will be in time magazine cover "The Last White Guy in China". heheheheh

PCap said...

Good rate cut today, eh?

10 year is UP 20 bps, Shorted TLT 2 days ago, and rubbing my hands in glee, now for the VIX to drop... he he he he

MTGSPY said...

So you're up a buck. ROFL.

Go buy subprime AAA. It's better if you like high rates.

PCap said...

I shorted via front month puts, I very rarely actually short a stock directly.

Greenie said...

"including the bald headed Indian geenie Paulson just hired."

did you want to say greenie and missed 'r'?

MTGSPY said...

i meant geenius. You shouldn't be hanged greenie. :)

MTGSPY said...

I like the bid-ask on that one. :)

Greenie said...

"i meant geenius. You shouldn't be hanged greenie. :)"

When GA takes office, do you think he will go after Paulson first, or Greenie? :)