Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Lunatic's raving:

This is an e-mail I just got from the guy who showed me the rope from doing the first simple calculation in mortgage maths back in the days when I first signed up in the business - he's out there running his own fund now. It's clear people are watching closely this weekend and the scary thing is they are like wolves watching a pack of sheep from the treeline. They already know the outcome and this was a bait.

Man, this is getting exciting.

Re:Re: how's it going‏
From: CrazyMan

Sent:Sat 10/11/08 6:32 PM

"You have no idea what's in here right now.

It is beyond the number of digits in your calculator and the world economy cannot get outta this.

There was a bait and Bush took it and have all these meetings this weekend. This one will be tried, will fail, and with it all the confidence in the world to leaders, religions, and anything, and all-out collapse.

This is a taboo subject and just unconsciously embedded in our genetic, to be suppressed by relentless training we called school and religion and then when the primal reality is released the risk is not something you can even begin to understand.

I know this would classify me on the same boat as most lunatics but if this happens would that still matter if I were or weren't? "


Anonymous said...

Mtgspy, can you please give the context and little more details or explanation.

Is this about another bailout? Can we expect a short term spike in the market - it seems to go down without taking a breather.

MTGSPY said...

Oh, ok, ... i was just asking him what the odds were for a devaluation. And it so happened his mind was also working very hard today and I hit home run with what I meant as a probing question.

He sent me a video clip on his later e-mail showing Bush' speech today, and I think I knew what he was thinking "No country has ever prospered by destroying the fortune of another country", ...

Does it mean he's gonna "print" and send USA to zimbabwe?

Was he referring to another country and there was a silent war under the surface, and the USA in fact is trying to mediate? Was it related to Iceland? Russia? UK?

Can this thing be replaced with something else? Like selling gold out of fort knox? Or increasing taxes 50% for everyone? Or just marshall the trade from the central regime like Chinese emperors? Can the Saudi lowers oil prices to $1/gallon for a year?

OR ANY OTHER TINFOIL STUFFS MY PUNY BRAIN CANNOT POSSIBLY THINK ABOUT? (By tinfoil I mean things that are butt-out absurd today and will become 100% real tomorrow afternoon.)

So what did Bush mean by saying that?

I did ask him that question and he said all of those are valid questions.

pRhyME said...

"This is a taboo subject and just unconsciously embedded in our genetic."

it's hard to really tell what this email is about without more details or context, but my initial opinion is that this "crazyman" is from the camp that thinks the world is controlled by a select few "aka bilderburg group" that are gonna drive our economy to collapse to further their interests.

people can believe what they want as they as they have real, valid reasons to. I dont buy that, but i give this email some credence as Mtgspy gave this email enough credence to share it all with us.

the way things have been playing out, if something "BIG" happens really soon, it will be hard for me to ignore these "crazy" people's claim about our world and economy.

once again, i dont buy the whole "bildergroup or secret group running the world" claim, but what i do know is that "things" will happen one day that will cause the world to look for a savior, and this savior will be false.

this taboo i refer to is the fact that human beings think they are the only ones in this whole universe.

yup, i'm referring to aliens. what they will be called are "space brothers" but they will only be a tool for this false savior (whether the aliens are real, or just their existence manipulated to be real) and he will mislead the world.

my 2 cents. i dont want to go into why i think the way i think, cuz im too lazy to write at the moment, but i will point people to this site (organization) that has predicted the coming (and current) crash in the markets:

any feed back on my thoughts (whether positive and negative) would be appreciated (and maybe ridiculed).