Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Many were upset with me due to my "Riot" calls

Because it does not look likely it will happen in this down move and likely have to wait several weeks. They paid good money for the show and it's now gonna have to be a rain check.

I agree, ok, so there's your 20% rally coming right up.

But let's use the time productively, by mapping each city burning with the corresponding Dow level, I am consulting my LTV chart overlaid and proprietary "colored" chart on top of US map here and I believe it should work like this:

8500 - Compton + LA
8499 - Central Valley + Las Vegas
8250 - Miami/NYC
7600 - Baltimore/NJ/Southeast DC

Unfortunately I don't really have a good time frame for the numbers on the left column as you have your own trusted blogs to get those from, but once you do, you may plan your vacation accordingly.

Of course there IS a point in the left column that you may want to buy one way tickets for reasons that I don't have to explain. It's usually cheaper that way too.

Edit #1 : I think we'll get a riot tomorrow. Yes, (sigh) this is another crash call after the one I make yesterday which likely burn both bears and bulls today. This cornholing looks like gonna be epic.

Federal Reserve
Target Rate
Prime Rate4.505.
1-Month Libor4.292.492.462.725.12
3-Month Libor4.522.822.792.715.25

NASD/Bloomberg Investment Grade U.S. Corporate Bond Index

Avg Redemption Yld8.560.334.0517:22
Totl Rtn Index117.89-1.48-1.2417:22


alcan said...

I think you are right but early, maybe by about 9-12 months. However, I assume, by then, you will either be in Canada or Singapore so you only will be able to watch it enfold on YouTube.

MTGSPY said...

Not a chance. I will be on the "offensive". Lotsa score to settle with local Radioshack.

alcan said...

They have Radioshacks in Canada too; however, they expect you to pay for your items on the way out the door.

D said...

loony tunes land!

MTGSPY said...

A lot of those that were foreclosed won't be staying.

Cuz the ones staying will soon evolve to "Cabrini-green" species variant.

Mike Truong said...

I know you are calling for a crash but do you think I should buy or sell this?


Mike Truong said...

or this one


ARAK said...


are you sure that everything will come apart at the seams right away? J6P still hasn't started bank runs yet. Wouldn't he have to wake up from his complacent mode, which usually takes say at least 3 months?

Penn said...

Hey MTG, what's the best place to buy physical gold?

MTGSPY said...

For the gold question:
I am as dismayed as you are but I hold on the urge to buy any. For now.

For the question "will it burst at the seam?"

Yes. If I were the government I would run an expose' on Fox showing typical trading desks in Wall Street: 30 Chinese nationals slaves being run by a white honcho. It will create a fodder while they make their way to the airport. 3 months? Could be. U might as well use Elliot wave for this one.

Why not just double your purchase on SPY calls and avoid paying the high bid-ask?

PCap said...

Radio shack is now "The Source: By Circuit City" in Canada

Foghat said...

Dude! You're a riot! BTW if you need to get out my couch is more comfortable than PCap's.

MTGSPY said...

It's what's on the couch that will decide matters foghat. :D