Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's the name of the game here?

Short to Zero


Fade the first move


IT Bottom, buy buy buy.


Having absolutely no idea which one I just "simulate the vote" out there.

2 out of 3 against me. I am out and went on buying some individual stocks instead.

Yes, that's it. Just go short some indices and go long something "better".

Edit 2: incredibly fast market. It almost looks like EVERY soldier in this battlefield carries a portable nuke cannon. Just incredible.


Foghat said...

So is it 'Door Number One'....'Door Number Two'....or 'DOoooooooor Numbah Threeah'?

ARAK said...

hehe, I wish the question were rephrased as "So is it Ho #1, Ho #2 or Ho #3 ? "