Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I will not be going to Valhalla.

Because I could not show ANY stock that I have managed to short to zero.

I got pretty close on ABK, but it didn't die and I covered at $7-8
I chickened out and covered my last put of WCI at $1.20
Now I covered GGP at 7.50, and it's gonna go to zero.


I will short QLD to Zero.

See you there.


Greenie said...

You can short QLD to 0, but don't do it today. Market looks very bullish to me.

MTGSPY said...

Have you bought more then? heheheheh.

stockfarmer said...

I'm in. QLD and UMW are going to zero tomorrow or at least alot lower.

All the J6P 401Kers I know are not in a panic yet. They thing the .gov will save the day.
My best bud had all of his wifes 401k in PFG stock. I warned him last year...

I'm getting a wood burning stove and more bullets this weekend.

MTGSPY said...

what are you guys wuss?


You don't hunker down, store this and that.


Take 'em if you want 'em.

stockfarmer said...

I'm not sure the countryside will break down quite like that, but I'm guessing I will find out.

I do hope the congress is in session if Washington breaks down.

Do you have your travel plans ready?

Europe is looking like every country for themselves.

MTGSPY said...

Every single Zombie slasher movies i have seen are played on the countryside. U still sure now?

stockfarmer said...

Haha!! I'm a good shot. I will make sure I hit their brain.

So are bombs going off in Europe soon? It sounds like Germany doesn't want to eat shit sandwiches.

MTGSPY said...

I think they are very accustomed to trench warfare, it might be slow over there relative to here.