Friday, October 10, 2008

A copy of today's sermon

There WILL be a future for USA.

Well, actually, what I meant to say is there WILL be a future for me. I have started cashing out at the today's lows again and I intend to start cashing out my substantial chips, send to my bank, and then cash out before they confiscated it - a risk I can no longer tolerate at this point.

For those expecting a rocket ride, consider what happens if it just stays right here with equal supply and demand cuz saying you buy stocks at 18 P/E is NOTHING to BRAG ABOUT. It's GONNA FIZZLE and STAY HERE FOR A LONG LONG TIME. Is that a RISK you like while the government might come in and loot you?

For those who has been LONG, here is my take, someone is GUILTY, and you know it. I don't care how, you have to take care of that problem. You have been deceived, and you are angry, and you know who the culprit is, and you want to punish him/her. Your judgment is supreme.


Penn said...

How do you "Cash out" from the banks?

I still can't understand your thoughts on GOLD??

You seem dead against it when you spar with Greenie. Then you also relate the story of your collegue buying 170 Kilo of Gold.

Can you answer in simple words whether I should buy some gold? If yes, from whom should I order?

MTGSPY said...

I can't tell u here and that's why TF PM message is the reason I showed up there :)

MTGSPY said...

About the gold sparring yeah sure I can tell you that,

in deflation there's hardly enough money to keep servicing debt already out there so it requires a lot of imagination to see why any particular asset would go up in price, including gold.

But if the issue is like mass devaluation, riot, or genocide, then yes it makes sense to buy gold and diamonds and get yourself outta trouble before everyone else. Ask herr Schindler.