Tuesday, May 27, 2008

About DCI

I want to sell half of it and stash into Berkshire instead and forget about this little DCI experiment for a while.

The company is superbly managed, and this is your good old overachiever America with headquarters in the HeartLand. Anyway, I should be deciding soon and I hope anyone else in this too.

GS short finally starts to make money, this is getting ridiculuous. America's obsession with superstars is beyond pathetic and indicative of general lack of self respect and education. GS is a good place for its employees TAKING MONEY away from shareholders, as with any superstars do to you - TAKE YOUR MONEY. Then shareholders will find they have a very bloated balance sheet with tons of unsold CDO from 2006 and will blow up in the end with little or no equity.

But why am I telling you this? You SHOULD know yourselves.


D said...

If people only understood how wealth is accumulated it would make more sense why GS is a theft aficionado entity.

PCap said...

When I started in the business, I was in Vegas for a conference. I was hanging out with some ML (MER) guys and we played some blackjack... we were at an expensive table for a new hire fresh out of college, so I didn't feel like playing at the table that was $500/min.

One of the guys has to go to the loo and tells me to play for him. I sit down, and play a few hands. The other guys ask if I'm nervous. I say why? If I win, he's happy when he gets back. If I lose, it's not my money.

Then they told me OPM.


Other People's Money. Use it.

MTGSPY said...

That is essentially the same problem with this country isn't it? Everybody thinks they'd be a billionaire and they say please dont hike the top marginal tax 5 years ago? Hah! Now everyone's panhandling and what will they say? Utter lack of self respect.

D said...

The way I look at things is that if taxes go materially up there is something to lobby back down later for profit.

Kind of like recycling...

This game has gone on since the beginning of time, it's so transparent to anyone who opens a history book or two.