Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Signs of time!

No investment (new/change) thoughts so far this morning so I think there's a spot to pass on some of the subliminal racist + stereotyping electrical waves that CNBC is frying my head with. (Unlike US corporation unable to pass their inflation to you, I can pass whatever bile that they try frying my frontal lobe with to you so they can fry yours, instead).

What I just saw in the cable ads in the last break:
  • a Chinese family running a booming drycleaner and got rich (even the ads are in chinese!),
  • then a black guy hugging a cheerleader pimping out hair dye (presumably he's married to anything but the cheerleader),
  • and finally a white dude and milf very happily smiled in front of the camera hawking ... get this ... credit consolidation services.

I hear and obey. Booyah.


Penn said...

"two bananas, six grapefruits and a left adidas shoe with no matching pair. How do you like my equity, sir? "

Fuck dude!!! I haven't laughed this hard in a while

MTGSPY said...

Buy Homebuilders. That's ur ticket to stardom. There are exactly 15 computers on autopilot trading 99% of the volume everyday.

D said...

Mtg -

I know an uber rich dead guy that was buying TOL hand over fist until September...

Bob Toll said...

Poor Basterd