Thursday, May 15, 2008

FED; and scary upwards tape + opex and WB didn't BUDGE.

Cannot add short under the situation, maybe a delayed fuse on WB so tomorrow check again.
The longs on DHR and DCI works entirely on clockwork I suppose :D

SMN STILL doesn't work but this is one pet project I'd like to keep. Oil did drop after the Enron loophole announcements BUT somehow they fought back (why?) for no reason as the $ is NOT sold, either. The lags on DBA vs. IYM is wider suggesting more dynamite is being stashed in the limited space under the seat.

The link for TickerForum on the affiliates section of my blog is not gonna work till Opex, I pray to the Fertility Goddess that they are alright and not cannibalize each other too much. Heee heee heee.


really said...

Karl's poritive sentiment to forum members is indirectly proportional to the SPY.

MTGSPY said...

Let's take Karl related debate to Greenie's blog. I'll just add here: The following people are all LEECHFUCK cuz none of those decides to pay Denninger:


yet if you have listened to the above SINCE THEIR FIRST POSTS you'd be a FAT dinosaur getting bitten by insects called short covering rallies. In some cases, their LONG positions were not bad at all either.

Of course, you may also note that poster NOTHING never had a star either, and that's what I leave to you to decide whether it's a leachfuck or something else.

The best things in life are free.

D said...

Looks like the oil money wants to fight to the bloody end. That reversal was impressive, but my guy says it runs through memorial day on some dollar softening.

UBS is the real bitch for upgrading all that crap. We know what they are using the PDCF $ for.

MTGSPY said...

And bloody end it will be Dear D. I pray it's not our bear bandage I see in the crystal ball.

D said...

I am bleeding.

MTGSPY said...

Oh, tell me, that SMN trade is attacked from 5 directions:


And they come in turn. But this is great Dear D.


At SMN = 20, you will have a WORLDWIDE RIOT and MANUFACTURING that GROUND TO A HALT. Take it from someone who runs a small business brother.

It's worth the admission ticket to watch such, but that's for me. :D


D said...

Oh the social pain is a big factor in why I like the contrarian play on commodities. The pols can't just sit back while every non-F.I.RE industry goes up in flames over input costs. It's also an international tax that is pissing off everyone except for the oil exporters.

My business is managing money and I didn't want you to suffer alone, so I decided to start shorting the beast in sympathy. I am getting to the end of the leash on a position size basis though. I will let it run/burn until I have my day.


D said...

I just looked up and saw CNBC (muted) running deal or no...there's a fat kid crying.

There's also an Ann Hathaway look alike on his bench...

What has America become that the contest is reduced to yes/no?

Even worse...the teary eyed fat guy just started dancing.

Damn...there is a significant portion of the population that is just being carried along these days.

MTGSPY said...

It is good that I am playing solitaire and not watching CNBC and the fat guy crying and dancing at the same time.

I feel your pain.

D said...

I realized what had happened and switched to CNBC world...Saijal's my girl.

I told her she needs to come back to North America and report from Chicago...

"it would be nice to come back to N.America at some point although I think I'm a ways from that at this point. You never know though...."

Those were her words.

MTGSPY said...

That is understandable :D

D said...

I am serious...


D said...

I just read your response to Pcap about Chinese imperialism...

Starcraft...I put in a few late nights on that one. The zerg rush was best defeated with a few zealots.

I picked up Command and Conquer Tiberium Wars a year ago, but it only works 1 time after install on Vista. I should try installing it again and see if the patches on this thing let it work now...

The chinese nationalism is at an extreme right now. I can't wait to see what the closing games are like!

MTGSPY said...

You DID!!!??

OMG! That is awesome.

And yet we dont have SC3 yet? I dont know where I put those old games.

I also played C&C that has the arabs, chinese, and USA (but I dont know where it is either in the pile). You should see the chinese tank rush on that one bro. :D

D said...

Sure did...protoss player.

1) Zealots
2) Dragoons
3) Templar
4) Carriers

When you brought up SC3 it prompted me to checkout the Blizzard web site:

SC 2 is in development right now

MTGSPY said...

I meant SC2. Broodwar is the #2 i had in mind.

D said...

Right, I will pick up a copy of SC2 when it comes out...

Every girlfriend has hated video games, but I've found that it motivates them to get my attention if they want it. It's like bringing another woman around in front of them, but you don't get smacked for it!

Which reminds me...


PCap said...

"Every girlfriend has hated video games, but I've found that it motivates them to get my attention if they want it. It's like bringing another woman around in front of them, but you don't get smacked for it!"

I just try another girl in front of my wife... keeps her trying :) That's what hot receptionists are for (well that, and actually getting busy with them)

MTGSPY said...

I bow to your wisdom Pete. Receptionists hate me and I found even starting a conversation is difficult because they figure I was a fake. It's puzzling because it gets easier the higher up, is it because they feel secure with me (i.e. I am the sterile Eunuch Boy) ?