Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hank, dont bite the hands that feed you.

Remember despite what you think of yourselves you are but a small pawn in the scheme of things. Don't make up rules on your own and do your civic duty. People pay taxes and it's time for you to make "money shower".

Think of the people who sacrificed in Iraq for you and when they get home and find Wamu stock worth $0.12. Are you not ashamed yet, oh unpatriotic bile? What about the lady who already calculated Stimulus V and factored that in to purchase a ranch she never got from all previous 3 husbands combined?

What about the children Hank? You love children, don't you?


WASHINGTON — The worst of the nation's credit crisis may have passed, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Wednesday, though he acknowledged rising gas prices will blunt the effect of 130 million economic stimulus checks.
He ruled out a second stimulus package for now.


Hillary Clinton said...

you are far too cynical
we shall end foreclosures once and for all...socialize everything even love

MTGSPY said...

Yes. I think at some point you can securitize your family this way:

first loss piece is your 401k.
3rd kid rated BBB
2nd kid rated A
1st kid rated AA
and the wife AAA.

Then the lienholder would be chinese and arab with spare change they used to throw away watching people eaten by mountain lions.

I look forward to your queenship in 6 months.

Larry Goldstone said...

MTG spy

just a quick question i wanted to ask you about NLY

In your opinion are the mortgages they hold relativly safe for cash flow purposes or do you think they will be subject to a similiar fate as other mreits

Penn said...

Thank you for the trade on FRE/FNM convergance. Got in when the spread was $3.70, got out right now when the spread converged back to $2.60

What is your range on the spread? A good time to enter is around the $3.50 spot, what is a good spot to exit?

MTGSPY said...

NLY spot leverage is 7.9x right now. Can FNM fixed rate paper widen by 13 bucks?

That is, to put in a more understandable term, can mortgage rate go up from here by $13/5yr = 260 bps RELATIVE to Tsy?

I'll take the under thanks.

Penn, the spread was 50c if i remember a month back? A good spot to exit is whenever you feel enough.