Thursday, May 1, 2008

DSL short squeeze may have failed.

I went long with an average of 13.72 and dumped just now at 14.73, 2,000 shares. I think the short-squeeze I predicted just failed or for some reason I found very weak and $20 looks err, "optimistic". But you never know and do ur own due dilligence.

I still have 14,000 shorts since last year August. Maybe this is the end of Downey despite the talk talk jawbone jawbone work everyone has done for the Option Arm industry? Tsk, it used to work better than this.

More notes: B-b-b-booyah!!! heheheheh. I was wrong, squeeze is just starting as of lunch time May 1, 2008. Oh well. Panic time for short sellers. Booyah, booyah, booyah.

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