Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random truths on China decoupling

I just received a story that the whole thing is false.

China is just window dressing for the Olympics because they know everyone is watching and they want to look like they are better than Martians cuz no more chance in the next 100 years.

News has it that all the steel will be taken out of these frivoulus buildings and stadiums to be made into Tanks after the Olympics. They will need a lot of that I suspect given where things are going.

Also in lighter news, I believe when you tune in to your TV in the summer watching Olympics and cheering nameless-soon-to-be-forgotten 14yr old black prodigy (I will be jacking off so don't mind me), you will not see a single ugly fat woman in Beijing.

The chinese govt has shipped all of them out to ChengDu along with cripples, stray dogs, and vagrants. They are shipping INTO Beijing a bunch of Gong Li lookalikes from provinces, dress them with suit and put them up in cars and ask them to go in and out of newly built skyscrapers randomly for the camera. Every now and then some will shout "baby girls no throw to yangtze" and sip cokes. There will be only TALL MUSCULAR chinese men and everyone knows kungfu, which makes a nice contrast to the peaceful domestic tweety GongLi type I described previously.

After the olympics the suits will be collected and painted camouflage for PLA uniforms and these people would be ON the tanks marching to Soviet borders for the final showdown for the last bucket of potash. (I will still be jacking off, so it doesn't concern me).

TV will get very interesting and worth paying the cable bill later this year.


D said...

Damn, all that talk about Gong Li look-a-likes running around makes me want to go to the circus.

My concern is what happens if the tiger gets loose.

Maybe I will just order one off the internet instead.

MTGSPY said...

the tiger gets loose = many happy endings

D said...

In that case, I would like "fwee" gong li tigers please!

PCap said...

I'm seriously thinking that the Chinese try and take parts of Russia (or maybe Australia/New Zealand) in an effort to gain more land for their population.

End of this year may be too early... they'll have to beef up their Nigerian oil supplies first.

MTGSPY said...

u are wrong. Nothing surpasses the "will of the people".

This will be Vietnam war x 1,500 in terms of how badly the "high tech" side is outnumbered.

I have seen this thing played out many times in Zerg vs. Protoss in Starcraft. Zerg players breed very quickly and their only chance of winning is to strike as fast as they can while the tech level is low.