Monday, May 26, 2008

Remind me of something.


PCap said...

Reminds you that RIM has the marketing talent of a 2 year and Apple will own the consumer market?

D said...

Apple needs a new shtick.

It's a good thing Bill Gates stepped up to capitalize this turd, what would we do without Apple's ecstasy-indulging commercials?

If digital integration works out as planned Apple will be go the way of Sega, Napster, and Crystal Pepsi.

Assuming the global economy doesn't completely combust remember in a few years that I told you to pocket a few shares of Motorola and Microsoft. Paradigm (standards) shifts don't happen overnight.

I am confident that I will find the stock of both companies lower over the next 6-18 months, but they are on my list of to-own stocks for the coming decade.

PCap said...

Screw Crystal Pepsi, I want some Crystal Gravy!

Mike Truong said...


Congrats on your call on DCI. Good ride so far for you. Did you get into any Aug 45 / 50 calls fromabout 3~4 weeks ago?


MTGSPY said...

Yeah, I saw it, and no I am only long stock - probably I should sell half of it; 6 cents beat and several of it from currency translation makes me kind of uneasy. Well, maybe sell 1/3 and put more into something else.