Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Working hard contacting our Civil Servants!

I want to pen out my contribution to this nation and as such I am working on the details of a letter and very detailed proposal to Sen. Schumer and Dodd to help alleviate the home crisis.

The idea isn't that clear yet but the gist is:
  • Set up a corporation called Federal Instituted Mortgage Corp (Effin Mac)
  • The corporation then issues debt to purchase a combined of $200B mortgages total from both FRE and FNM.
  • FRE and FNM will choose which asset to sell to the corporation.
  • But FRE and FNM would be the equity stakeholder contributing a total of $20B.
  • Then the Fed simply guarantees the bond of that corporation.
  • This move, I know it will receive great sponsorship with Dodd, will 1) reduce the balance sheet consistent with deleveraging (new entity is now 1:10 leverage instead of 1:250, the original FRE/FNM however would still have about the same leverage amount because $200B is just 5% of the total portfolio) and 2) taxpayers can participate in lucrative mortgage business.
  • Optional feature: To serve the market more efficiently, Fed can choose to release some of the capital ( up to 50% of it ) in a step down fashion through "special dividend" to shareholders if at predetermined times losses do not exceed threshold. FRE and FNM will have authority to manage, mitigate, and report the losses monthly to Fed so that process will not to delay the urgency of this project.
  • The released capital can therefore be used to fund other new mortgages and serve this great nation.
I know I would be useful to society someday and this is one way I will prove it. I will work on the numbers and very academic letter to the fine gentlemen. See, I know how to be grateful [evillaughter]


Joe Lewis said...

Sounds great can i buy some stock too... need to recoup my BSC losses

MTGSPY said...

excellent, of course you may.

You of all people should have smelled the coffee in Dec 2007 and did this first.

Joe Lewis said...

well what can i say... I was busy setting up the Tavistock cup and trying to bang Tiger's wife

put me down for 100k naked puts

MTGSPY said...

buy FKME+PG for Apr 2009 when u see it in your brokerage for max bang. I will suggest Dodd bless the $35 IPO.

Joe Lewis said...

FKME sounds great

one more thing can we gear them up more than 10x. that kind of thing is boring to me..perhaps 30-35x i have good luck with that kind of leverage

MTGSPY said...

the equity step down will get u there. don't rush. I have a feeling most of these would be the 5 yr IO and Option ARMs with 125 recast.

Genesis said...

Oh now that's not fair!

I want a really BIG blast - you need more gearing in that deal


MTGSPY said...

Thank you Genesis. You inspire all of us to not give up on our govt. If people talk they will listen. (It's just what kind of people and what kind of talk [giggles] )