Friday, May 9, 2008

I have a can of kerosene ...

U know gas is expensive so I am debating whether to apply the kerosene to my balls all at once or just paint it little by little with a brush.

I really think a counterattack is about to be made in GSE space resulting in GSE rocket shot, but the probability of wrong and what happen if I am wrong (I will have to light my balls on fire) is not what I like to think at night about. This could seriously interfere with my reproductive capabilities.

Hmm, maybe just one ball then. These assholes are so far on the way to be the most hated companies in the world next to Halliburton, because they like to taser both the long and short. For f-ing pete sake, give signals will you?

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Anonymous said...

hilarious man! greatest quote this month!