Monday, May 12, 2008


Let's go long the "stock-that-shall-not-be-named". Got less options than I wanted because price didn't hit but I think buying outright is fine. Good luck.
1,000 at 24.94. Will do two more batches time and price permits, but at least one more.
1,000 at 24.96 at the close.
400 shares so far AH at 25.00.
And 20 options from yesterday.
I think decent enough to play given the brutality of this beast.


Lauren Conrad said...

Is that charles' twat... fiery red for max penetration. nice and hot

its okay ive got tip for you
short COF long PRAA

or check out my friend CVO...reminds me of a candian'...

just watch the hills you turd

MTGSPY said...

sigh ... welcome yet another drunk. You mean Charles' bunghole, fuckwit.

Out of the 3 I mind the PRAA idea.
No, it's not the crazy short % on that name but the kind of fraud this industry is subject to.

Point is you don't know until it happens. Check out ASFI which is doing the exact same thing buying uncollateralized cell phone collectibles and follow the story in the past 6 months.

I am buying OSTK for short term trades. This is better. As heavily shorted but every pop is like 10%. This is much more predictable cuz all they have to do is sue all day long.

lauren conrad said...

okay yes i meant charles' mangina... my bad CVO is still a good shot at BK IMO... reminds me of quebecor, a printer levered 20x with as much intangible assets as equity... well whatever

will think twice about the fraud part...thanks mtgspy

didnt mean to insult you by caling you a turd

MTGSPY said...

Layoff the bottle will ya. This Bear market rally tends to do that :D

Penn said...

MTG, today's action on FRE is not encouraging.

The spread between FRE-FNM has increased to $3.00 (FRE - 25.00, FNM - 28.00) from $2.20 yesterday. Big money seems to be selling FRE as opposed to be getting long

Is your read on the spread different?

MTGSPY said...

These are I think random moves, I don't see much volume or definitive selling.

They are the ones reporting so some will get spooked hard for sure because no one knows what's this gonna be like tomorrow.

Also the comments from HUD and OFHEO wasn't helpful to both FRE and FNM, and in those situations where bad news affect both, you see that usually the spread widens.

I am sticking to my plan and this prices make sense for me to speculate in.

MTGSPY said...

If I see $3.50+ spread today I will do a 5000 long-short in addition.

gtt said...

So you are long fannie going into freddie earning?

MTGSPY said...


To get most radioactive exposure u need to get as close as possible to the source. I am not buying FNM, no.

Gtt said...

Oops I see, my bad, hehehe.

Well you soaked your balls in kerosene meanwhile I think I've done the opposite and soaked my own in liquid nitrogen. I guess since you haven't lit the match you're in better shape than me right now.

MTGSPY said...

Good luck my friend. One person who never will hate you no matter what buy or sell you make is me. I enjoy both fire and ice applied to my balls. They are soothing to my nerves.

D said...

PRAA - I was stopped out of that position in the fall when their interest expense unexpectedly rose. $46 entry, $42 exit

I had my finger on the trigger to buy at $29 later, but decided I didn't like the idea of a credit arbitrage company that focuses on the ugliest of the ugliest in the present environment.

I refuse to touch it now.

MTGSPY said...

I decided not to touch PRAA at any price. This is mob business and generally speaking not a good idea.